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Sol Tryp, Inc, founded by Deborah Thorne and Hector Lerma, distinguished licensed medical providers in New Mexico, is dedicated to delivering expertly guided and medically supported ketamine journeys. With extensive experience in treating conditions such as treatment-resistant depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain, Deborah and Hector have consistently provided effective solutions. Comprising an exceptional team of psychedelic-trained, licensed mental health clinicians, Sol Tryp, Inc ensures that each client/patient undergoes a comprehensive and integrated approach to their wellness journey.


Sol Medicine Project, operating under the name Sol Tryp, Inc., officially gained non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) organization in early 2023. Motivated by the recognition of a critical need for accessible healing opportunities, our mission centers on extending support to groups often underserved. Presently, our focus lies on initiatives catering to Frontline and First Responders, Veterans, and First Nations. We extend our respectful acknowledgment, recognizing that our work takes place on the unceded territory of the Piro-Manso-Tiwa Nation, now identified as Southern New Mexico.


In essence, Sol Tryp, Inc. was established with a clear mission: to offer secure and scientifically grounded healing experiences to individuals and groups through dedicated initiatives in funding, research, education, and reciprocal care. Develop inclusive programs that honor and uplift individuals at various points in their life journey. Deliver sessions and programs designed to foster connections with oneself, spirit, community, nature, and culture.


As a for-profit healthcare entity, our commitment is to provide each patient with a holistic and enriching experience. In our non-profit capacity, we are driven by the principles of research, training, and reciprocity.

About Our Founders

Deborah Thorne, DMSc, MS, PA

Deborah Thorne is the founder, Co-owner, and Clinical Director of Medicina del Sol Integrative Healthcare in Las Cruces, NM. Also, Co-founder and Executive Director of Sol Medicine (Sol Tryp), a 501(c)(3) non-profit ensuring affordable and safe access to psychedelic medicines. She holds degrees in exercise kinesiology, manual therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, wellness coaching, and integrative medicine. She is licensed as a Board Certified Physician Associate and Doctor of Medical Science. Trained and certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and psilocybin-assisted therapy, currently completing a psychiatry fellowship at IPI (Integrative Psychiatry Institute).

Hector Lerma MD, PharmD

Dr Lerma is an Internal Medicine Physician, Chief Operating & Financial Officer for Sol Tryp, and a Co-Founder of Medicina Del Sol. He earned his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara Mexico and facilitated his Internal Medicine Residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center at Richmond University Medical Center in New York City, Veterans Affairs in Salem, Virginia, and LewisGale Hospital in Blacksburg, Virginia. Early in his career, Dr Lerma attended the University of Houston and acquired his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In his spare time, Dr Lerma enjoys spending time further understanding the various psychedelic entheogens and medicinal therapies to further advance the betterment of patient outcomes. Both Drs Lerma and Thorne have treated hundreds of patients with ketamine for the management of treatment-resistant depression, suicide, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and bipolar disorder. These experiences have been both enlightening and transformative for the majority of patients.

How you’re helping change lives

How does Sol Tryp, Inc operate?

Sol Tryp, Inc operates through partnerships with local organizations and volunteers to implement sustainable development projects.

What is the mission of Sol Tryp, Inc?

The mission of Sol Tryp, Inc is to provide access to education and healthcare for underprivileged communities.

What countries does Sol Tryp, Inc work in?

Sol Tryp, Inc currently operates in the US.

Our Volunteers

Michael W. Collard, PhD

Professor Michael W. Collard received his PhD in Biochemistry from Washington State University in 1987, and has served on the medical school faculty at Southern Illinois University, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and at the American University of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten. He has over 40 years of research experience in the fields of medical biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics.

LeeAnn Medows

LeeAnn Meadows, born and raised in Humboldt County, California, now calls New Mexico home. She lives on the outskirts of Las Cruces with her artist/husband Glenn Schwaiger and two dogs in an old adobe motor court surrounded by pecan trees. Psychedelic medicine helped LeeAnn to heal from CSA and C-PTSD. She feels passionately about the power of psychedelics and believes in making plant medicine more accessible. After a career in pediatric physical therapy, LeeAnn now enjoys writing poetry, calligraphy, bookbinding, and gardening.

Valerie Hubbard

Valerie began working with the Drug Policy Alliance New Mexico in 2001. We ran our first Medical Cannabis Bill “Lynn Pierson Compassionate Use Act” in 2001. We passed “The Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act in 2007. Worked on and passed many other progressive bills throughout the years.Began working on The Cannabis Reform Act in various forms in 2012. Passed the CRA in 2022. Essentially I spent 21 years on passing these Cannabis bills.I have been a part of the NM Industry town halls as we reach out to the Industry for data gathering and teach folks to become advocates for their Industry in New Mexico.Deputy Director at El Paso NORML.

Chach Davalos

Chach graduated from New Mexico University with a bachelor's in Computer Engineering/ICT. She is a native New Mexican. With a heart for both innovation and empathy, She wants not only shape the future of computer engineering but also contribute to a more compassionate and connected world.

Natasha Davalos

Natasha is currently a master's student at UNM seeking my Public Policy degree and works for the Legislature in Santa Fe as a policy analyst.

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